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Luke 09:28-36: The Transfiguration of JesusMatthew 05:43-48: Love of EnemiesMark 09:2-10: The Transfiguration of JesusLuke 07:24-35: Jesus' Testimony to JohnLuke 18:1-8: Parable of the Persistent WidowMark 04:30-34: The Mustard SeedMatthew 18:15-20: A Brother Who SinsJohn 18:28-40: The Trial Before PilateMatthew 16:21-23: The First Prediction of the PassionMatthew 22:35-40: The Greatest CommandmentLuke 02:22-40: The Presentation in the TempleJohn 08:31-59: Jesus and AbrahamLuke 21:1-4: The Poor Widow's ContributionLuke 02:41-52: The Boy Jesus in the TempleMatthew 05:21-26: Teaching About AngerMark 12:28-34: The Greatest CommandmentMark 06:7-13: The Mission of the TwelveLuke 07:11-17: Raising of the Widow's SonLuke 05:7-11: The Signs of the EndLuke 03:15-22: The Baptism of JesusMatthew 16:13-20: Peter Declares that Jesus is the MessiahLuke 14:25-33: Sayings on DiscipleshipJohn 05:19-30Luke 21:12-19: The Coming PersecutionMatthew 13:44-50: More ParablesLuke 16:9-15: Application of the Parable of the Dishonest StewardLuke 04:1-13: The Temptation of JesusMatthew 22:15-21: Paying Taxes to the EmperorMatthew 08:5-13: The Healing of the Centurion's ServantLuke 18:9-14: The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorMark 11:20-26: The Withered Fig TreeLuke 10:29-37: The Parable of the Good SamaritanLuke 10:38-42: At the Home of Martha and MaryMatthew 14:22-33: Jesus Walks on the WaterLuke 05: The Healing of a ParalyticMark 16:1-8: The Resurrection of JesusMark 12:41-44: The Poor Widow's ContributionLuke 17:1-6: Temptations to SinJohn 17:1-19: The Prayer of JesusMatthew 25:31-46: The Judgement of the NationsLuke 03:1-20: The Preaching of John the BaptistJohn 20:1-10: The Empty TombMatthew 06:9-14: The Lord's PrayerMark 14:3-9: The Anointing at BethanyMatthew 06:25-34: Dependence on GodMatthew 28:16-20: The Commissioning of the DisciplesLuke 24:35-48: The Appearance to the Disciples in JerusalemLuke 10:38-42: Martha and MaryLuke 10:1-11: The Mission of the Seventy-TwoLuke 19:1-10: Zacchaeus the Tax CollectorLuke 12:16-21: The Parable of the Rich FoolLuke 01:26-38: Announcement of the Birth of JesusJohn 01:35-51: The First DisciplesLuke 06:27-32: Love for EnemiesLuke 15:1-7: The Parable of the Lost SheepMark 04:21-25: The Parable of the LampJohn 01:1-18: PrologueLuke 19:41-44: The Lament for JerusalemLuke 12:13-15: Sayings Against GreedMatthew 07:7-12: The Answer to PrayersJohn 04:4-42: The Samaritan WomanMatthew 24:32-35: The Parable of the Fig TreeMatthew 18:10-14: The Parable of the Lost SheepMark 04:26-29: Seed Grows of ItselfMatthew 20:1-16: The Workers in the VineyardLuke 20:27-40: The Questions About the Resurrection

The Dynamics of Sanctifying Grace and Sinful Tendencies

If our sins are forgiven at Baptism, what happens when we sin after Baptism? Saint Augustine offers insight on this human experience. ...

Trusting in the Goodness of God in Difficult Moments We Cannot Understand

Saint Rita faced many difficulties in her life and learned to trust God in the midst of them. She relied heavily on the intercession and wisdom of Saint Augustine, wisdom that can also help us trust ...

Christ the Light that Cures Our Darkness

As we transition from the Christmas Season to Ordinary Time, we are still very much in the dark and cold days of winter. Augustine offers insight on how to allow the Light of Christ to continue to ...
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