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Love Does Not Seek Revenge

Today we are experiencing a lot of division and conflict. Anger and vengefulness are common themes we see in the news headlines. In this post, Augustine offers us some wisdom for reflection on our ...

10 Tips to Cultivate Your Prayer Life

As we approach Advent, Augustine offers some timeless wisdom for how to cultivate our prayer life. ...

The Sacraments and Sinful Priests

What happens when a sacrament is celebrated by a sinful priest? Augustine provides an explanation that assures us of the validity of the sacrament. ...
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Augustinian Spirituality

Augustinian Spirituality 101

What is Augustinian Spirituality and what does it offer us today?

Pray & Reflect

Homilies, prayers, reflections, and other resources for discovering the presence of God in our world and our lives.

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From addiction to coping with work life, discover an Augustinian perspective on discussion topics and issues of our day.

Meet Saint Augustine

Discover one of the most influential Saints in our Church.

Meet the Augustinians

Discover the Order that follows the life example and teachings of Saint Augustine.

Justice & Peace

Learn more about how the Augustinians follow the model of Augustine to create a more just and peaceful world.

Educational Series

Learn more about how Augustinian Spirituality relates to faith and life today.


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