Augustinian Spirituality 101

One Mind … One Heart … On the Way to God

Meet the Augustinians

The Augustinians are a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church who follow the life and teachings of St. Augustine.  Our Order includes over 2800 Augustinian Friars located in over 40 countries on every continent of the world.  The Order was founded in 1256, though our Rule and spiritual foundations go back to Saint Augustine (354-430 AD).

Who was St. Augustine?

Saint Augustine (354-430 AD) was a theologian, philosopher, bishop of Hippo in Roman North Africa, and a prolific writer.  He is a Doctor of the Church and is widely accepted as one of the most influential Church Fathers.  Among his influential works are the Confessions, the City of God, and the Rule which provides the basis of the Augustinian way of life today.

Our Spirituality

Augustinian spirituality is based on the life, writings, and teachings of Saint Augustine of Hippo.  The root of Augustinian spirituality can be traced to Augustine’s dramatic conversion to Christianity. The basic principles of the Augustinian spirituality of religious community life can be found in Augustine’s Rule. This brief document presents Augustine’s vision of the values that underlie the life of a vibrant and holy religious community.

Augustine’s Rule, the Confessions, and his teachings point us towards six pillars of Augustinian Spirituality that engage us on the daily search for God.

Our Way of Life

Three core values underscore how the Rule informs the Augustinian way of life today

From the Rule and the core values of Unitas, Veritas, and Caritas, we can derive twelve principles from which to build community and a more just and peaceful world today

Two Dimensions of the Journey