Love of God and Neighbor (Matthew 22:36-40)

Augustine’s synthesis of the Gospel and how it can be lived is found in Augustine’s Rule. In this brief document, written around the year 400, Saint Augustine presents his vision of the values that underlie the life of a vibrant and holy religious community. The Rule contains several enduring principles that are essential for religious life in community, which Augustine largely derives from the live of the early Christian community described in Acts 4:32-37.

While the Rule references certain time-bound customs of fifth-century culture (e.g., public baths of Roman Africa), the principles behind these references are timeless and can be applied today. Therefore, over 1600 years after it was written, Augustine’s Rule continues to be the foundation of Augustinian life today.

Further, these principles can be expanded to help shape healthy Christian community in a number of contexts outside of religious life, including family life, work life, etc. We therefore encourage all Christians to live these same principles. We invite you explore the key principles of Augustine’s Rule and discover ways that these principles may help shape the community life where you find yourself.

12 Principles for Augustinian Community Life from the Rule of Augustine

Adapted from The Rule of Saint Augustine: Augustinian Spirituality for Parochial Ministry

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