The Augustinian Journey to God

Our hearts are restless until they rest in God

Saint Augustine teaches that in all the strivings of everyday life, everyone is ultimately searching for God. The Augustinian journey to God therefore involves a continual search for the ever-present God in our day to day desires, passions, circumstances, gifts, shortcomings, encounters with other people, etc.

Around the year 400, Saint Augustine wrote The Confessions, a spiritual self-examination in which Augustine recounts his gradual discovery of the ever-present God in all the dealings of his life. Through his examination he shares the journey of his own conversion away from the previous wanderings of his life to God.

Through the Confessions we too can discover that the journey of Augustine is not unlike our own. We have a lot to learn from Saint Augustine. This site invites all to journey with Augustine through his Confessions as we continue our own pilgrimage to Christ.

Follow Augustine’s journey to God as recorded in The Confessions

and discover how it relates to your own journey ….

Confessions Book XIII

Read the Confessions Book XIII for free here Click below to watch an introduction to Book XIII of the Confessions Suggested Next Topic The Augustinian Way of Life

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