Men of Heart with Others

Practical love of neighbor is a key component of the Augustinian pilgrimage to Christ.

The Augustinians partner with lay men and women in a number of ministries in over 40 countries on every continent of the world.We invite you to learn about about our various ministries and the many ways you can partner with us as we journey together to Christ.

Parochial Ministry

The Augustinians serve in several parishes throughout the world. Learn more about our parishes here in the United States.


The Augustinians serve in serve in High Schools, colleges, and Universities throughout the world. Learn more about our educational ministries here in the United States.

Justice & Peace

The Augustinians work to address the immediate needs to people in our local neighborhoods and around the world while also working to eliminate the systemic causes of suffering and injustice.


Coming Soon. The Augustinians of North America have missions in Japan, Mexico, and Peru. Explore our missions here.

Ways to Partner With Us

Justice and Peace

See where we are actively working to create justice and peace and join us!

Augustinian Volunteers

Meet the women and men who devote a year to living the Augustinian way of life and serving to those in need.

Lay Augustinians

Discover how lay people are living the Augustinian way of life everyday and how you can join them

Become an Augustinian Friar

Have you considered whether or not you might have a vocation to become an Augustinian Friar? Begin here.

Reflections on Augustinian Ministry

What Can the Incarcerated Teach Us About Advent?

As we journey towards Christmas, the Advent season invites us reflect on the hope we have that Christ has come and Christ will come again to free us. Yet, throughout this blessed time, 2.2 million people will be locked in cages behind prison/jail walls, separated from family and community. This does little to help the […]

Why are Catholics involved with the United Nations?

Click below to view a panel discussion on the history of the Holy See’s relations with the United Nations, the role of lay Catholics and Church leaders in developing the human rights tradition, and the growing role of Catholic NGOs as they work alongside the UN for justice, peace, religious freedom, and integral human development […]


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