Helping those who would otherwise be abandoned

Mass Incarceration Impacts All of Us

2.2 million Americans are incarcerated at any time

This represents a 500% increase since 1980. While the U.S. is 5% of the world's population, it has 20% of the world prison population. 50% of Americans have had a loved one who was incarcerated.

The Current System is Ineffective

2 out of every 3 people who are released end up committing another crime due primarily to lack of rehabilitation and increased trauma during incarceration as well as lack of resources and support needed to ensure success re-entry.

Disproportionately Impacts Minorities

1 in 3 Black Men and 1 in 7 Latino men will face incarceration at some point in their lives compared to 1 in 17 Caucasian men.

Disproportionately Impacts the Poor

2 out of 3 families of the incarcerated live in poverty. 80% of those incarcerated earned less than $15K per year before incarceration and 70% of those did not have a High School diploma.

Perpetuates Crime

2 out of 3 people released from prison commit another crime. Children of the incarcerated are six times more likely to face incarceration themselves.

Perpetuates Poverty

Only 25% of the incarcerated will earn a GED while incarcerated.

How to Respond

Support with Re-Entry (Philadelphia)

The Mary, Mother of Captives ministry works with inmates who will be coming out of prison within the next 6 months.  It works to reduce the likelihood of recidivism by securing food, clothing, housing, and employment.  Learn more.


Support to families of the incarcerated (Philadelphia)

Support group for those who have a loved one in jail or prison.  Learn more.

Weekly Prayer and Support Group (Philadelphia)

Meeting weekly, this group brings together all who care about prison reform, including formerly incarcerated, families of those who have been incarcerated, those suffering with addictions and their families, those who have been harmed by crime, and many others.  Learn more.


Philadelphia Prayer Garden (Philadelphia)

A place of refuge for remembering, praying for, and reconciling those who have been harmed by violence in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. It is located on the south side of St. Augustine church, the scene in 1844 of anti- immigrant riots that burned the church down. This garden is a place that invites the perpetrators and victims of violence to reconciliation and forgiveness. A shrine, housing an original icon to Mary, Mother of Captives, depicts the Mother of God clutching handcuffs over her heart--a sign of her love for those imprisoned in any way. Memorial bricks, shaped in the form of a cross, symbolize the departing prayer of Jesus that we all may be one. Come apart and pray awhile.

The Augustinians are involved in ministry to those impacted by the system of mass incarceration throughout the United States.  Click here to learn more about why and the ministries we are involved in.

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