Jesus said whenever we feed someone who is hungry, we feed Him (Mt. 25:36).

What We Do

The Augustinians provide food banks and food distribution through several events throughout the United States year round.

West Coast Region

Locations of Foodbanks in West Coast Region

Midwest Region

Location of Foodbanks in Midwest Region

East Coast Region

Location of Foodbanks in East Coast Region

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What Can the Incarcerated Teach Us About Advent?

As we journey towards Christmas, the Advent season invites us reflect on the hope we have that Christ has come and Christ will come again to free us. Yet, throughout this blessed time, 2.2 million people will be locked in cages behind prison/jail walls, separated from family and community. This does little to help the […]

The Poor You Will Always Have With You

by Brian Dwyer On this 5th World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis elaborates on Jesus’ message in Mark 14:7, “the poor you will always have with you.” Pope Francis says, “This caused great amazement and gave rise to two different interpretations. The first was indignation on the part of some of those present. The second interpretation […]

A Prayer for Social Justice Ministry

Good Jesus, if only I could, for love of you, give food to all the poor!  Lord, if only I could visit every hospital and serve the sick, if only I could ransom those in captivity, provide clothing to those who have none, those who have nothing, find lodging for all on pilgrimage, and see […]


Editors Note: the following reflection is written by an affiliate of the Order of Saint Augustine and was originally published in the newsletter Voices from Prison and the Edge, a publication of the Adeodatus Prison Ministry under the Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor. Waiting in my car at the Walmart, I saw […]

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  • Planting Seeds of Hope
    by Jeremy Hiers, OSA Our God is a God of surprises.   We know that in the time of Jesus people were expecting the Messiah to come in a way that was very sudden, very visible, and very powerful. However, for Jesus, the true metaphor of God’s reign was a small, weak, and seemingly insignificant mustard […]
  • Heroic Hope
    by Jeremy Hiers, OSA If you drive past just about any hospital or healthcare facility these days, you will likely see a sign that says, “Heroes Work Here.” These signs remind us of the brave and dedicated men and women who have dared to work in healthcare during the pandemic. We could put similar signs […]
  • Our Hope is in the Lord! (LOH Wednesday Week 3)
    The following reflections are provided for individual or communal reflection in preparation for praying the Liturgy of the Hours. Morning Prayer -> Evening Prayer -> How to Pray Morning Prayer Psalm 86 -> Isaiah 33:13-16 -> Psalm 98 1. Take a few moments to reflect on the themes of the prayers this morning: This morning […]