What does St. Augustine have to say about the ups and downs of work life?

80% of job satisfaction comes from finding purpose and meaning in one’s job. Salary, titles, etc. compose only 20% of what helps someone find satisfaction in their work. We spend 1/3 of our life in the workplace. What does St. Augustine have to teach us about finding purpose and meaning in the workplace? St. Augustine would advocate for a workplace that enables employees to find purpose and meaning in their work, namely through connecting their inner most passions and desires to the mission of the organization, cultivating a sense of community among employees, etc.

How do Augustinians work to cultivate a spirituality that people can use in their workplace?

Lay Augustinians

Augustinian Seculars are lay men and women who bind themselves by formal promises to share in the Augustinian way of life, being of one mind, and one heart, intent upon God. While living and working within the community, Augustinian Seculars live their faith, hope and love through community, following Christ through Augustinian spirituality.

Augustinian Volunteers

Offering recent college graduates with the opportunity to learn the Augustinian way of life before entering the workforce.

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