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Augustine & Social Justice

What does Saint Augustine have to teach us about building a peaceful and just society today?

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From care of the environment to racism, discover an Augustinian perspective on the issues we face today.


Learn more about Augustinian Spirituality and Social Justice.

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Discover how the Augustinians are working for justice and peace in our world today.


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Saint Augustine and the Issues of Today

Discover an Augustinian Perspective on the social issues of our day.

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Mass Incarceration

Systemic Poverty

Systemic Racism

How Augustinians Work for Change

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Our Justice & Peace Blog

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Generosity as the Path to Hope and Peace

We live in a time when our future seems more uncertain than ever. Where do we place our hope and trust? ...

Augustinian Announce 2022 Justice and Peace Grant Program

To encourage Augustinian involvement in projects concerned with justice and peace, especially in Augustinian parishes and schools, the Ordinary Province Chapter of 2018 included a provision for ...

Sent to Love and Heal

We all have the power to heal others. What gifts of healing have you been given? ...
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