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St. Augustine and the Issues of Today

Discover an Augustinian Perspective on the social issues of our day.

The Environment


International Affairs

Mass Incarceration

Systemic Poverty

Systemic Racism

How Augustinians Work for Change

Working for Charity

Discover how we are responding to the immediate needs of others.

Working for Justice

Discover how we are working to create systemic change that lasts.

Grant Programs

Opportunities to share resources for promoting justice and peace.


The Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor builds bridges between providers, recipients and leaders across economic, political and religious spectra by matching individuals resources needed to build better communities.

Augustinians International

Promotes participation and dialogue as a means of responding to the greatest questions of our time.

St. Augustine Foundation

The St. Augustine Foundation supports individuals and communities who promote peace, justice, community development, and the care and empowerment of peoples.

National Shrine of St. Rita

A spiritual, educational, and cultural center that advances peacemaking and reconciliation in south Philadelphia and around the world.


The Canadian Augustinian Center for Social Justice helps people recognize and take action on the social, political and economic conditions surrounding them through education, networking, partnerships, and community building/support.

Midwest Augustinians

The Midwest Augustinians have a Commission on Justice and Peace to promote education and action on justice and peace.

Where We Serve

Discover where the Augustinians of North America serve

Our Justice & Peace Blog


The latest on how Augustinians are working for Justice and Peace.


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The Environment

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Mass Incarceration

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Systemic Poverty

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Systemic Racism

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Upcoming Events

Opportunities to learn, reflect, and dialogue on the issues of our day.