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During this time of social distancing, many are experiencing loneliness, isolation, and/or just miss the fellowship they once enjoyed in Church before the pandemic. This forum provides a way to connect with other people of faith.

All People of faith welcome

While this forum is hosted by the Augustinians, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, people of all faiths are welcome. Respect for all faiths and perspectives is a fundamental value guiding each meeting. We simply ask all participants to respect this value.

Find Inspiration and Hope

Participants share sources of faith, hope, and inspiration. Ideas include favorite Scripture verses, music, art work, prayers, poems, jokes, testimony and other ways to point each other towards our higher power. Click here for ideas.

Frequently Asked questions

The idea for this forum is rather new and innovative and you may have questions about how it works. We encourage you to explore our frequently asked questions to become familiar with the meeting and our guidelines for participating.

Two ways to connect


Please dial (312) 626-6799

Meeting ID: 87643694123 

Passcode:  500107

Frequently asked questions

Anyone looking to receive and/or share a little faith, hope, and inspiration during this time is welcome. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. The meeting is hosted on Zoom, which participants can access on a PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet. People of all faiths and background are welcome. Participants are asked to remain respectful of those who have beliefs and viewpoints different than their own (disruptive and disrespectful participants will be muted and/or removed from the meeting).

Participants are advised that this is a public forum and every participant is responsible for their own security. While moderators will mute and remove participants who are disruptive or share inappropriate content, moderators cannot always prevent such content from being shared beforehand. Participants are advised not to share any personally identifiable information other than first name.

During this time of quarantine and social distancing, many people are not able to make it to Church and other faith based activities. Many people are experiencing isolation and loneliness. This meeting was created as a space for fellowship and people to share their struggles, their faith, their hope, and their inspiration as we journey together through this difficult time in our world.

The meeting is an open discussion and the discussion can go in any number of directions based on what the participants desire to share. In order to prevent disruptive participants and crosstalk, if there is a large number of participants, everyone may initially be muted when they login. When this happens, if participants who desire to share something with the group may use the “raise hand” function to indicate to the moderator that they wish to share. The moderator will then unmute participants in the order to which they raised their hand and invite them to share. Each participant will then have five minutes to share per turn (participants can request multiple turns).

Participants are free to come and go at any time the meeting is scheduled. If you show up after the meeting has started, simply listen and use the raise hand function when you are ready to share. If you have to leave early, simply sign off.

Each participant will be given five minutes per turn and can choose to share what they feel led by the Spirit to share as long as it is respectful of other participants (i.e., no curse words), does not contribute to slander of others in any way, is conducive to the goal of sharing our faith, and does not reveal any personally identifiable information about oneself or others.

Ideas for sharing include prayer requests, stories about your own journey through this time, prayers you have found helpful, Scripture passages, poems, lyrics to songs, and anything else you may feel will be inspirational to others.

Not at all. While sharing is highly encouraged, participants are welcome to sign in and just listen if they do not feel comfortable sharing. Turning on one’s camera is also optional, even when choosing to share.

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