Six Reasons I am Grateful to Be an Augustinian

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA In the year 2022, why would anyone want to enter religious life? Why would anyone take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience when there are so…

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Paving the Way of the Lord

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA According to Brandon Vogt, author of the book Return:  How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church, for every one person who enters the Catholic Church approximately…



Editors Note: the following reflection was written by an affiliate of the Order of Saint Augustine and was originally published in the newsletter Voices from Prison and the Edge, a…


A Shared Journey

by Fr. Jeremy Hiers, OSA A few years ago, I watched a film called Footprints: The Path of Your Life which followed the journey of several young men who traveled…

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St. Rita was contemplating the passion of Jesus Christ. When she suffered she looked to Christ for guidance on how to handle it. Stained Glass window at the National Shrine of Saint Rita. Photo by Fr. Dan McLaughlin, OSA.

Saint Rita Understands our Time of Division and Conflict

We live in a very divided world.  The level of division we are experiencing here in the United States can at times appear so deep we may wonder if there…


A Prayer for a Pandemic

Author Unknown May we who are merely inconveniencedremember those whose lives are at stake. May we who have no risk factorsremember those most vulnerable. May we who have the luxury…

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What is an Augustinian Response to Systemic Racism?

by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A. While it was written over 1600 years ago, the Rule of Augustine governs the Augustinian way of life today. It also provides a lot of insights…

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