The Augustinians serve others through a number of ministries that provide both direct relief to those who are suffering and efforts to create systemic change.

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The Way of Beauty

When spending time in natural parks, or when gazing up the beauty of a starry sky observable from a place without light pollution, or merely witnessing a sunset in which different shades of color appear and vanish, we can say with Augustine that “All these things, created by divine art, manifest in themselves a certain […]

Purity of Heart in Augustine’s De Trinitate

Purity of heart is a human need because the human heart is caught by various desires. Some more superficial. Others are deeper. Some are temporary, and others last longer. Some desires align with what will give us true happiness, and others are misleading. Saint Augustine writes: Many are the desires of the human heart, but […]

Augustinian Announce 2022 Justice and Peace Grant Program

To encourage Augustinian involvement in projects concerned with justice and peace, especially in Augustinian parishes and schools, the Ordinary Province Chapter of 2018 included a provision for financial support of such projects in Province Program (No.135). A total of $7,500 can be allocated in support of such projects. Please see the memorandum below for information […]

Longing is Always a Prayer

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA “Longing is always a prayer, even though the tongue is silent. If you are longing without interruption, then you are always praying. When does our prayer sleep? Only when our desire cools.” – Saint Augustine (Sermon 80, 7) What are you longing for today? The Feast of the Presentation of the […]

How Do Shrines Contribute to the New Evangelization?

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA What is evangelization, who is called to be part of it, and what wisdom does Saint Augustine offer us? This series reflects on the New Evangelization and Augustinian Spirituality. In 2017, Pope Francis issued Sanctuarium in Ecclesia in which he lays out a vision for shrine ministry in the context of […]


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