The Augustinians serve others through a number of ministries that provide both direct relief to those who are suffering and efforts to create systemic change.

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Planting Seeds of Hope

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA Our God is a God of surprises.   We know that in the time of Jesus people were expecting the Messiah to come in a way that was very sudden, very visible, and very powerful. However, for Jesus, the true metaphor of God’s reign was a small, weak, and seemingly insignificant mustard […]

Heroic Hope

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA If you drive past just about any hospital or healthcare facility these days, you will likely see a sign that says, “Heroes Work Here.” These signs remind us of the brave and dedicated men and women who have dared to work in healthcare during the pandemic. We could put similar signs […]

We Keep Moving Forward

“Always be dissatisfied with what you are if you want to arrive at what you are not yet.  Because wherever you are satisfied with yourself, there you have stuck.” – Saint Augustine (Sermon 169, 18).[1] Why Did Augustine Say This? Saint Augustine offers this piece of wisdom in a Sermon on Philippians 3:3-16 in which Paul […]

Making Disciples of “All Nations” (Part 4)

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA What is evangelization, who is called to be part of it, and what wisdom does Saint Augustine offer us? This series reflects on the New Evangelization and Augustinian Spirituality. In Part I we discussed how there are multiple modern “boundaries” we must cross to make disciples of “all nations” today. The first of these boundaries […]

A Path to Unity in a Divided World

“God does not demand much of you.  He asks back what he gave you, and from him you take what is enough for you.  The superfluities of the rich are the necessities of the poor.  When you possess superfluities, you possess what belongs to others.” – Saint Augustine (Exposition of the Psalms 147) Why did Augustine say this? […]

Liturgy of the Word: The Creed

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA This post is part of a series called The Mass: An Augustinian Perspective offered on Unity is a core value of the Augustinian way of life. When we gather together for Mass, we gather together with people who are different from us and people who may have slightly different beliefs […]

Liturgy of the Word: The Homily

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA This post is part of a series called The Mass: An Augustinian Perspective offered on The word homily means “explanation” in Greek. The liturgical practice of explaining Scripture is rooted in ancient Jewish custom. In the early Church, the bishop typically was the one who celebrated Sunday Mass and gave […]

Finding Hope in the God Who Cares

“O good and all-powerful One, you care for each of us as if we alone existed. You care for all with the same tenderness that you show to each one.” – Saint Augustine (The Confessions III, 11)[1] This quote appears in Book III of the Confessions when Augustine’s mother Monica finds herself distressed over Augustine’s […]


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