Augustinians Announce 2023 Justice and Peace Grant Program

To encourage Augustinian involvement in projects concerned with justice and peace, especially in Augustinian parishes and schools, the Ordinary Province Chapter of 2018 included a provision for financial support of such projects in Province Program (No.135). A total of $7,500 can be allocated in support of such projects. The deadline is April 7, 2023. Please…

Christ the Light that Cures Our Darkness

As we transition from the Christmas Season to Ordinary Time, we are still very much in the dark and cold days of winter. Augustine offers insight on how to allow the Light of Christ to continue to shine in our lives.

Love Does Not Seek Revenge

Today we are experiencing a lot of division and conflict. Anger and vengefulness are common themes we see in the news headlines. In this post, Augustine offers us some wisdom for reflection on our own attitudes towards others we may disagree with or find difficult.

Praying the Psalms in Everyday Life

Everyday we face numerous distractions that can take our attention and devotion away from God. This post explores how the Liturgy of the Hours helps us remain in relationship with God throughout the day.


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