Love Does Not Seek Revenge

Today we are experiencing a lot of division and conflict. Anger and vengefulness are common themes we see in the news headlines. In this post, Augustine offers us some wisdom for reflection on our own attitudes towards others we may disagree with or find difficult.

Praying the Psalms in Everyday Life

Everyday we face numerous distractions that can take our attention and devotion away from God. This post explores how the Liturgy of the Hours helps us remain in relationship with God throughout the day.

Two Types of Psalms to Relate Our Lives To

The same Spirit that guided the prayer of the psalmist is the same Spirit that guides our prayer today. This post explores two types of psalms that afford us a model for praying for our needs and the needs of the world today.

Praying the Psalms with Intention

If the Psalms help us copy the movements of the Spirit as we lift our needs and our experiences to God and the Liturgy of the Hours provides a structure for us to pray the Psalms, how do we identify intentions to bring with us to the Liturgy of the Hours?

Why Pray the Psalms?

Just as a child learns to write by copying the movements of a teacher, so we can learn to pray by copying the movements of the Holy Spirit. The Psalms offer us a way to discover the movements of the Spirit in our own prayer life.


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