If God is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

This Sunday many of us will gather in Church or over livestream to encounter the loving and saving presence of Christ.  We will encounter this presence in His Word, in music, in prayer, in each other, and in the Eucharist.  As we do so, we will be invited reflect on the goodness of our faith. […]

Ask and You Will Receive

by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A. In Matthew 7:7-12, Jesus gives us an offer we cannot refuse. Ask and it will be given to you, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find. There is a story about an elderly man who lived alone in a house in the path of an approaching […]

Augustinian Justice and Peace Grant Program

To encourage Augustinian involvement in projects concerned with justice and peace, especially in Augustinian parishes and schools, the Ordinary Province Chapter of 2018 included a provision for financial support of such projects in Province Program (No.135). A total of $7,500 can be allocated in support of such projects. Please see the memorandum below for information […]

A Litany for Peace In Troubled Times

You say, the times are troublesome, the times are burdensome, the times are miserable. Live rightly and you will change the times. The times have never hurt anyone. Those who are hurt are human beings; those by whom they are hurt are also human beings. So, change human beings and the times will be changed. […]

grow vine

Trust in the Slow Work of God by Teilhard de Chardin

Trust in the Slow Work of God By Teilhard de Chardin Above all, trust in the slow work of God.We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay.We should like to skip the intermediate stages. We are impatient of being on the wayto something unknown, something new. Yet it is the […]

There Is Always Room for Hope

by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A. Perhaps my favorite part of Augustinian life is the fact that we continuously encourage one another in the good times, the bad times, and all the times in-between. I have never personally been a fan of winter. I have never been fond of the shorter days, the cold weather, or lack […]

A Dwelling Place for Emmanuel

by Kevin Mullins, O.S.A. I’m all but certain that all of us have had the experience of being asked to do something we thought we could not do.  And maybe we were right in thinking that — maybe we had stretched our capabilities or our efforts to the limit;  perhaps we had never even thought of doing […]


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