Augustinian Ministry

Men of Heart With Others

Practical love of neighbor is a key component of the Augustinian pilgrimage to Christ.  The Augustinians partner with lay women and men in over 40 countries covering every continent of the world.  


The Augustinians serve in several parishes throughout the world.


The Augustinians serve in serve in High Schools, Colleges, and Universities throughout the world.


The Augustinians serve have dozens of Shrines throughout the world that serve as places of encounter and evangelization.


The Augustinians of North America have missions in Mexico, Japan, and Peru.


The Augustinians of North America have missions in Mexico, Japan, and Peru.

Justice & Peace

Ministries of Charity and Justice.


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Parochial Ministry

The Augustinians serve in parishes throughout the world. In our parishes we seek to instill the Augustinian values derived from our way of life.

Education Ministry

The Augustinians have several high schools and institutions of higher education located throughout North America modeled after Augustine’s own approach to education:  a journey which engages communal life, the search for truth, and the life experiences of the student.

Shrine Ministry

Shrines serve as places of encounter.  They not only serve to enrich the faith of those who already actively practice our faith, but can also be places of evangelization where others come to discover Jesus Christ through an encounter with Mary and the Saints.  The Augustinians have three shrines in North America and dozens throughout the world.


The Augustinians of North America sponsor missions in Peru, Japan, and Mexico.  Learn more about our missions here.

Justice and Peace

Augustinians and our lay partners are simultaneously involved with working to address the immediate needs of people in our local neighborhoods and around the world while also working to eliminate the systemic causes of suffering and injustice. The issues we are actively involved in include poverty, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, care of the environment, etc.

Prison/Jail Ministry

It was common in the era of Augustine for Church leaders to be appointed civic magistrates in the communities in which they lived.  Augustine therefore became a vital figure in the administration of law, serving as an arbitrator between disputing parties and imposing settlements.  Reconciliation and Restorative Justice therefore became frequent themes in his writings and homilies.  Augustinians are involved in prison ministry in many places throughout the world.