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Saint RitaSaint AugustineStephen BellesiniAlfonso de OrozcoOur Mother of Good CounselSaint MonicaSaint Nicholas of TolentineSaint Thomas of VillanovaWilliam Atkinson

In the Words of Augustine

Looking for a quote by Augustine? Browse the categories below to view quotes by St. Augustine relevant to the issues and topics of our day Can’t find your favorite quote? ...

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Translated by E. B. Pusey (Edward Bouverie) AD 401 This copy of the Confessions (minus the featured image on this post) is made available via public domain compliments of Project ...

How Can I Take Action?

by Michael Riggs, O.S.A.          In the days following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, I felt a weight on my heart that left ...