Advent 2020

The entire life of a good Christian is a holy desire. What you desire, however, you don’t yet see. But by desiring you are made large enough, so that, when there comes what you should see, you may be filled.

Saint Augustine (On the First Letter of John, 4)

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  • There Is Always Room for Hope
    by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A. Perhaps my favorite part of Augustinian life is the fact that we continuously encourage one another in the good times, the bad times, and all the times in-between. I have never personally been a fan of winter. I have never been fond of the shorter days, the cold weather, or lack […]
  • A Dwelling Place for Emmanuel
    by Kevin Mullins, O.S.A. I’m all but certain that all of us have had the experience of being asked to do something we thought we could not do.  And maybe we were right in thinking that — maybe we had stretched our capabilities or our efforts to the limit;  perhaps we had never even thought of doing […]
  • Hurry Up and Wait: Welcome to Advent
    by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A. What are you longing for? When I was a High School senior, I applied to enter the U.S. military. Military entrance involves a weekend visit to a Military Entrance Processing Station, more frequently known by its acronym MEPS. When I entered the MEPS process, I was ordered to leave all my […]
  • Experiencing Restlessness Today
    Each day of our life journey is a day in which we long for something. Whether it is a little quiet time in the midst of a busy schedule, a new path in life, an improved relationship with someone, a new object we want to purchase, or a more fulfilling career, it seems that to […]
  • Eight Mobile Apps for the Journey to God
    by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A. One of the defining characteristics of the Augustinian journey to God is the continual search for God in the ever-evolving circumstances of our day to day life. This is guided by three core values: Unitas (unity with others), Veritas (the pursuit of Truth), and Caritas (the love of God and neighbor). […]
  • Augustinian Prayer in Everyday Life
    “Let us always desire the happy life from the Lord God and always pray for it. But for this very reason we turn our mind to the task of prayer at appointed hours, since that desire grows lukewarm, so to speak, from our involvement in other concerns and occupations. We remind ourselves through the words […]
  • Mind Quieting Meditation in the Augustinian Tradition
    “Let us leave a little room for reflection in our lives, room too for silence. Let us look within ourselves and see whether there is some delightful hidden place inside where we can be free of noise and argument. Let us hear the Word of God in stillness and perhaps we will then come to […]
  • Advent Take 5 with Saint Augustine
    “When you love Christ’s members you love Christ himself. When you love Christ you love the Son of God. When you love the Son of God, you love the Father. Love cannot be split up. Begin loving somewhere, and the rest will follow” – Saint Augustine (On the Letter of John 10, 3. Advent is […]
  • Jesus Christ: The Fulfillment of All Desire
    by Spencer Thomas, O.S.A. What does it look like when the human heart, beset by an existential inquietude longing for a truly lasting fulfillment, meets the God who communicates the gift of his sheer aliveness to that same heart? What does it look like when the misery of our primordial brokenness, which images that same restless heart […]

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