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AugustinianSpirituality.org is a ministry of the Augustinians of North America. The mission of the site is to relate our  Augustinian Spirituality to modern day topics and issues. This site accomplishes this by fostering prayer, reflection, and dialogue on these topics through an Augustinian perspective.  

If we imagine life (as Augustine did) as a journey to God, these topics are intended to meet others where they are in their own journey of faith and provide “on-ramps” for them to join us on the journey with Augustine.

Augustinians of North America at 2016 Convocation

The Augustinians

The Order of Saint Augustine, commonly known as the Augustinians, is an international religious order of the Roman Catholic Church.  Our Order includes over 2800 Friars located in over 40 countries on every continent of the world.  The Order was founded in 1256 although its rule and spiritual foundations go back to Saint Augustine (354-430 AD). 

Our Presence in North America

The Augustinians of North America are located across the United States and Canada.  We serve in parishes, schools, shrines, prisons, hospitals, and more. In North America we are organized into three provinces.

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