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Liturgy of the Word: The Creed

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA

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Unity is a core value of the Augustinian way of life. When we gather together for Mass, we gather together with people who are different from us and people who may have slightly different beliefs or values. However we are united in certain core beliefs. The Creed expresses those beliefs.

After the homily, we are given another opportunity to unite. During the Introductory Rites we gathered as a diverse people with various needs, viewpoints, and intentions. Throughout the Liturgy of the Word we had a variety of experiences of God. Some likely heard and focused on one aspect of the readings and homily while the person sitting next to us focused on another. One person may have felt moved to take a particular action in response to what they heard and experienced while the person sitting next to them may have felt moved in another direction. Some may have agreed with the homilist while another disagreed with a particular viewpoint that was discussed. Despite the differences, the Creed unites us.

The Creed is a summary statement of the faith and summarizes the story of Scripture.

Moving from creation to Christ’s incarnation, death and resurrection, to the sending of the Holy Spirit, to the era of the Church and finally to the Second Coming, the Creed carries us through the entire story of salvation history.

Edward Sri, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass: Understanding What We Say and Do in the Liturgy (Kindle Loc, 1040)

The Creed provides the core of our beliefs.  Through these core beliefs we are reminded there is a plot to life and we are here for a reason. The creed thus invites us each week to consider who is really at the center of our life and what is really important. 

Given what I have heard in the readings and in the homily, what good news do these core beliefs provide to the specific circumstances I brought with me to Mass today?

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