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Victory is Ours (LOH Sunday Week 2)

The following reflections are provided for individual or communal reflection in preparation for praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

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Morning Prayer

Psalm 118 -> Daniel 3:52-57 -> Psalm 150

As we prepare for the Sunday Eucharist, the psalmody invites us to rejoice in the victory that is ours.

Psalm 118 praises God for the way He has delivered His people in the past. How has God delivered us in the past from people and circumstances that threatened us?

Daniel 3:52-57 invites us to praise the God who is present in all of His works throughout all creation in the heavens above through the depths below. How do the stars, the ocean, and other parts of creation reflect God’s majesty and invite us to praise Him as our King?

Psalm 150 leads us into Church as we are called to praise God in his “holy place” with instruments. As we enter Church this morning, how will we praise God with our minds, our voices, and our actions?

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Evening Prayer II

Psalm 110:1-5, 7 -> Psalm 115 -> Revelation 19:1-7

As we prepare to enter a new week, we are invited to close our Sunday celebration by reflecting on God’s majesty and thanking Him for the renewed sense of victory we have gained from the Sunday liturgies.

Psalm 110:1-5, 7 and Psalm 115 invite us to renew our trust that all other powers are subordinate to Jesus Christ. Christ has absolute victory over all forms of sin and death. What powers or forces will we face in the week ahead? What promises from the risen Christ will we carry with us to sustain our faith as we approach a new week?

Revelation 19:1-7 invites us to respond with praise. We are thankful that as we enter a new week we enter it with the God who has risen victorious over all that may try to stand in our way. The great wedding feast we will enjoy with Christ for all eternity has truly begun.

As John Brook notes, Revelation 19:1-7 is part of the song of victory sung after Babylon (symbol of all political powers which have persecuted the Church and murdered the faithful) is vanquished.[1]. Have we allowed the victory we celebrated this Sunday to inspire us?

[1] John Brook, The School of Prayer: An Introduction to The Divine Office for All Christians (Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 1990), 138.

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