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Renewing Our Trust in God to Lead Us (LOH Saturday Week 1)

The following reflections are provided for individual or communal reflection in preparation for praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

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Morning Prayer

Psalm 119:145-152 -> Exodus 15:1-4a, 8-13, 17-18 -> Psalm 117

As we prepare to close out the week, the psalmody this morning invites us to renew our trust in God’s commands and promises.

The selection from Psalm 119 invites us to renew our commitment to keep God’s commands and follow God’s will as the sure path towards hope. Do we trust that what God has commanded us to do is the true path to peace and freedom? How might Psalm 119 invite us to examine how we respond to areas of our lives and our world where there is division, despair, and harm? How might God be inviting us to promote unity and harmony and care for creation?

The reading from Exodus recalls how God delivered his people as they followed His commands. Do we believe that just as God showed Himself “gloriously triumphant” as He freed the Israelites so God will show triumph over the struggles we face in our own lives as we follow Him?

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Psalm 117 invites us to offer a simple act of praise to the God whose love for us and fidelity are secure. In what ways has God demonstrated his love and fidelity to us in the past for which we offer praise as we move into the day ahead?

Evening Prayer I (for Sunday)

Psalm 119:105-112 -> Psalm 16 -> Philippians 2:6-11

As we prepare to welcome Sunday and a new week, the psalmody this evening invites us to discover God anew in the ups and downs of a life wholly devoted to God.

Psalm 119:105-112 invites us to reflect with the psalmist on our own afflictions and to place our trust in the Lord through obedience to His decrees. What troubles, difficulties, or concerns from the past week will carry over into the week ahead for which we need to renew our trust in the Lord and His ways?

Psalm 16 invites us to acknowledge that God is all we really need. Are we seeking safety, security, or any other kind of fulfillment in something outside of God?

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Philippians 2:6-11 invites us to reflect on how Christ understands us through the way He humbled Himself. We are invited to find hope in the promise that just as we share in His death, so also we share in His Resurrection! How does Christ uniquely relate to our own situations through the circumstances of His own earthly life?

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