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source: Fr. Dan McLaughlin, OSA

Introductory Rites: And With Your Spirit

by Jeremy Hiers, OSA

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One of the responses the congregation will offer right from the beginning of the Mass and throughout is “And with your Spirit.” Jesus Christ is the only one Priest, however He is represented in the Sacraments by the ordained presider. As Jeremy Driscoll notes, by responding “and with your spirit” the people are in effect saying, “be the priest for us now” and acknowledging the priest himself must be “finely tuned” to perform this sacred duty.[1]

Reflection Questions: Can I look away from any distractions that may be on my mind at the moment in order to “tune” my own mind to hear the good news and love of God that will be proclaimed through the various parts of the Mass that I am about to experience?

Edward Sri, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass (West Chester, PA:  Ascension Press, 2011), Kindle Loc 443.

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