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Augustinians Observe Human Rights Day

On December 10th the Augustinians around the world observe Human Rights Day, a day in which the United Nations invites the human family to reflect on the inherent dignity, equality, and rights of every human being. On this day we are all invited to renew our own commitment to take a stand to defend and promote the basic human rights and dignity of all people against the injustices caused by social issues such as COVID19, Poverty, Mass Incarceration, Immigration, and the Environment to name a few.

Discover how the Augustinians are observing Human Rights Day

This day is closely tied to Saint Augustine’s own commitment to the poor and several principles of the Augustinian way of life today: the common good, stewardship, mutual care, and reconciliation among others.

Discover how the Augustinians are working for Justice and Peace in the world today

Human Rights Day is one of seven international days the Augustinian Friars set aside for prayer, reflection, and action. Here are the other days:

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