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A Prayer for Social Justice Ministry

Good Jesus,

if only I could, for love of you, give food to all the poor!

Lord, if only I could visit every hospital and serve the sick,

if only I could ransom those in captivity,

provide clothing to those who have none, those who have nothing,

find lodging for all on pilgrimage,

and see of the burial of all the dead!

How happy I would be Lord, if my advice and teaching put all on the road to heaven,

if I could reclaim and straighten out all who offend you,

give consolation to all in distress,

forgive all who have done me wrong,

put up with the insistent demands of the whole world

in a word, if I could pray as sincerely as Saint Stephen for my enemies

and the enemies of anyone!

May my prayer be granted through the merits of your passion.

Saint Alonso de Orozco (1500-1591)

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