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Prayers for Migrants and Immigration Reform

In response to its commitment to promote the dignity of all human persons and immigration reform, the Augustinians have developed petitions to be used throughout the week as part of the Liturgy of the Hours. We invite you to pray these with us as well!

AM:  For the Church and her leaders, that they remain steadfast in their solidarity with migrants and refugees.
PM:  For all Catholics, that the Word of God will inspire us to act in our local communities to support and protect migrants and to advocate on their behalf.

AM:  For Government leaders, especially members of Congress, that they may be imbued with wisdom by the Holy Spirit to enact laws that respect the human dignity of all migrants.
PM:  For our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and all people of good will, that they may grow in their understanding of migration-related issues and be a voice for migrants in need.

AM:  For Dreamers who arrived here as children through no choice of their own and today seek a way to make positive contributions to our common way of life.
PM:  For migrant workers, that they may labor in safe and just conditions, and that we who benefit from their efforts may be truly grateful for what they provide.

AM:  For all persons who are forced to flee from their homes because of violence, persecution, poverty, natural disaster, and other causes, that God brings peace to them and their country of origin.
PM:  For all those who have died while seeking a better life for themselves and their families, that their souls may rest in the peace of Christ and that such loss of life be prevented in the future.

“The present condition of the human race is symbolized by that man described in Scripture who was robbed by bandits and left lying half-dead in a ditch. He was ignored by the passing crowd until a passing Samaritan stopped and took care of him. His rescuer was a Samaritan, a foreigner far removed from him in nationality who became a neighbor by showing mercy. Our Lord Jesus wants us to understand that the Good Samaritan in the story represents himself.” – Saint Augustine (Sermon 171, 2)

Saint Augustine

Sermon 171, 2

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