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Eight Mobile Apps for the Journey to God

by Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A.

One of the defining characteristics of the Augustinian journey to God is the continual search for God in the ever-evolving circumstances of our day to day life. This is guided by three core values: Unitas (unity with others), Veritas (the pursuit of Truth), and Caritas (the love of God and neighbor).

In this post I want to identify eight mobile apps I have personally found useful as I strive to live these values each day.

#1: The Augustinian Journey App

This app is the perfect mobile companion to It contains prayers, podcasts, and music to aid your journey to God. Further, you can submit prayer requests for the Augustinian Friars to pray for a specific intention.

#2: The Bible App by Olive Tree

In De Doctrina Christiana (Teaching Christianity) Saint Augustine teaches us that the goal of reading Scripture is to grow in love of God and love of neighbor. The Bible App by Olive Tree contains a plethora of Bible Study tools that will draw you back to Scripture study time and time again. The app includes audio bibles, daily reading plans, devotionals, maps, study bibles, commentaries, ebooks, Greek and Hebrew tools, among many others. My two personal favorite features include the ability to highlight and the ability to read Scripture alongside commentaries that can be purchased and downloaded separately. The only downside is that while the app itself is free, some of the features have to be purchased separately.

#3: iMissal

Perfect companion to the daily and Sunday Mass. iMissal contains the complete Roman Catholic Missal, including the readings of the day, Catholic prayers, a Catholic news feed, and many other features. Looking for a way to attend Mass via livestream? Download this app and then check out our daily livestream Mass search to find a Mass that is live-streamed at a parish and at a time that works for you.

#4: iBreviary

A key component of Augustinian Spirituality and the Augustinian Way of Life is praying the Liturgy of the Hours on a daily basis. This app allows you to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and contains the proper Psalmody, Reading, and Prayers. My favorite feature is that it contains the proper psalms, readings, and prayers for Augustinian Feast days.

Never prayed the Liturgy of the Hours? Click here for a short introduction on how.

#5: Breviary Tunes

A key element of praying the Liturgy of the Hours is singing. This app contains the tunes for the Hymns recommended by the Breviary. This app is perfect for people like myself who have are not musically inclined.

#6: The Confessions App

The Augustinian way of life and journey to God is informed by Augustine’s own journey to God. His journey of discovery is recorded in the Confessions. This app allows you to have an interactive experience while reading the Confessions. It includes audio readings to allow you to listen on the go, textual commentaries, imagery, timelines, and music. A perfect way to get to know Saint Augustine.

#7: Blinkist

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Augustine’s own journey was dialogue with fellow Christians and non-Christians alike on the issues, questions, and concerns of his day. Augustine was a lifelong learner, continually studying and synthesizing his understanding of the Gospel with the issues, public debates, and heresies of his own day. This is the basis of the Augustinian value of Veritas, or the continual pursuit of truth in the midst of life’s ever-evolving circumstances. We too are invited to embrace Veritas through study and discernment. Blinkist provides short summaries of thousands of books covering all sorts of modern day topics and can be used to ask questions such as: What might modern Marketing techniques teach us about evangelization to younger generations? What might modern Psychology have to teach us about Christian responses to addiction, racism, violence, mass incarceration, etc? What might modern organizational theory have to teach us about how to organize a the Body of Christ in a parish around mission?

It allows listeners to gain an understanding of a variety of topics in a short amount of time. The only downside is that the app requires a monthly subscription. However, if you cannot afford the monthly subscription fee, they do offer one free book a day.

#8: Laudate

A treasure chest of everything Catholic. The features are numerous, including searchable prayers, daily Mass readings, liturgy of the hours (though it doesn’t contain the Augustinian propers as iBreviary does), Rosary, daily meditations, guides for preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, etc. Definitely a helpful app to have with you on the go.

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