You are currently viewing Looking for ideas and inspiration on ways to share our spirituality and charism with the world?

Looking for ideas and inspiration on ways to share our spirituality and charism with the world?

Consider some of these ideas for content submission to

#1. Pick a quote by Augustine and write about what it means to you today.

#2. Submit one of your Gospel reflections or theological reflections that you have written for the house or your ministries, see some of the reflections already submitted:

#3. Have you created other content such as videos or artwork that you would like to share? We can also link to other content/videos posted on other sites, especially Augustinian sites (e.g., vocation videos).

#4. Have you heard a song on the radio or watched a YouTube/Vimeo that has an Augustinian type theme (e.g., Restless by Audrey Assad) or one that could relate to an Augustinian theme? Consider writing about it.

#5. Is there a social justice issue that you are passionate about? Write something about it. Consider some of the issues we have begun to cover here.

#6: Have you experienced Augustine’s wisdom in one of your life experiences on the journey? Consider writing about it.

Click here for some of the life experiences that already have content

#7: Interested in helping to roundoff some of the informational type content of the site, such as a short synopsis on one or more of the Books of the Confessions or writing an overview of the City of God or one of the other unfinished entries?

Click for a list of pages that are still under construction

Confessions Book 1

How can we understand God?  In this first book of his Confessions, Saint Augustine explores the existence of God and how creation relates to him.  He begins with a reflection on his life as an infant and as a child.  He discovers how even his earliest actions as an infant reflected a natural movement toward […]

In the Words of Augustine

Looking for a quote by Augustine? Browse the categories below to view quotes by St. Augustine relevant to the issues and topics of our day Can’t find your favorite quote? Submit it here for inclusion in our list! Can’t find your favorite Augustine quote? Let us know here so we can add it to our […]


What is the Augustinian Devotion to Mary? All Christians are members of the Body of Christ, together with Mary, the mother of Jesus. “…She is clearly the Mother of his members; that is, of ourselves, because she cooperated by her charity, so that faithful Christians, members of the Head, might be born in the Church. […]


What does it take to become an Augustinian Friar? The path to become a solemnly professed Augustinian Friar involves 9 stages that usually span the course of 6-7 years. The process involves learning how to live the Augustinian way of life, participation in ministry, several stages of discernment, and academic preparation for full-time ministry. Learn […]


What is Augustinian Discernment? A million different life paths to choose from. What does God want for my life? Every tough life decisions seems to come with multiple good options. What choice does God want? What does Augustine have to say? Stay tuned for more on Augustinian discernment. In the meantime, check out the following […]

Recommended Reading

Below is a curated list of recommended books for learning about Augustinian Spirituality. You can click on the link to the book to preview and buy directly from Daily Devotionals / Spiritual Reading / Augustine’s Works / Recommended by Friars Daily Devotionals A journey a journey a journey Spiritual Reading Works by Saint Augustine […]

Caritas (Love)

“Before all else, dear brothers, love God and then your neighbor, because these are the chief commandments given to us.” (The Rule, Introduction, 1). If the search for truth (Veritas) is a search for the author of all truth (a God of love), and all people are united (Unitas) in that search through the generous […]

Unitas (Unity)

“The main purpose for you having come together is to live harmoniously in your house, intent upon God in oneness of mind and heart.” (The Rule, I, 3). The principal aim of all Christian vocations is union with Christ. As we see in the Augustinian core value of Veritas, union with Christ involves the search […]

Veritas (Truth)

“The happy life is joy based on truth. This is joy grounded in you, O God, who are the truth, my illumination, the salvation of my face, my God.” (Confessions, 10.23.33). The value of veritas signals the Augustinian search for God through the love for and pursuit of truth. But what is truth in a […]

Principle #12: Freedom Under Grace

Striving to live a life open to the Grace that allows us to live in oneness of mind and heart. “Live in such a way that you spread abroad the life-giving aroma of Christ. Do not be weighed down like slaves straining under the law, but live as free men under grace.” (Rule Chapter 8) […]

Principle #11: Ongoing Conversion

Conversion to Christ is a life-long process that is aided from frequent personal and communal reflection and evaluation. “This little book is to be read to you once a week. As in a mirror, you will be able to see in it whether there is anything you are neglecting or forgetting.” (Rule Chapter 8) Reflection […]

Principle #10: Authority and Obedience as Service

We show obedience to our superiors out of loving compassion for those chosen to guide our community toward the fulfillment of our calling. “The superior, for his part, must not think himself fortunate in his exercise of authority but in his role as one serving you in love.” (Rule Chapter 7 Paragraph 46) Reflection coming […]

Principle #9: Reconciliation

We protect community by resolving disputes quickly, directly, and compassionately. This involves both a willingness to both forgive and to seek forgiveness. “Whoever has injured another by open insult, or by abusive or incriminating language, must remember to repair the injury as quickly as possible by an apology, and he who suffered the injury must […]

Principle #8: The Common Good

We seek to build the Kingdom of God through concern for the common good above our own personal interest. “For charity, as it is written, is not self seeking (1 Cor. 13:5) meaning that it places the common good before its own, not its own before the common good. So whenever you show greater concern […]

Prayer of St. Thomas of Villanova

I will love you Lord in every way and without setting limits to my love. You set no limits to what you have done for me; you have not measured out your gifts. I will not measure out my love. I will love you, Lord, with all my strength, with all my powers, as much […]

Prayer of Saint Augustine

Loving Father, let me know myself, O Lord, let me know You, and desire nothing else but only unity with you. Let me know you, and do everything for you. Let me know myself and grow myself to lose myself in You. Let me seek your loving goodness let me listen well to you, to […]

Confessions Book 2

In Book II of the Confessions, Saint Augustine contemplates the presence of God throughout his adolescent years.  He was an intelligent young man with tremendous potential, so his parents wanted to make sacrifices to invest in his education and his future.   However, when his father is no longer able to financially support his schooling, Augustine […]

#8: Become an editor. Help with the search to find and correct grammar and spelling errors to help polish the site for release in September. Sensate personalities are especially welcome!

#9: Have other ideas for the site? Submit your ideas and “constructive” feedback anonymously here. Ideas related to features that would help this website become a tool for parish and education ministry are especially welcome.

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