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A Prayer for Conversion and Freedom

Lord, through a true conversion of heart you led Saint Augustine out of the depths of sin to your love, come to our heart, so we will forget our sins and we will be embraced by you, our one and only good.

O God, our life and our joy, who loves with great serenity, and who commands us to love you, may we understand how great is our mystery if we do not love you.

O God, from whom all good is received, may we, by following the example of our holy father Saint Augustine, use the gifts you have given us for the glory of your name.

O God, you alone are good, and you never cease doing good, increase our faith, strengthen our hope and set us on fire with your love, so that we may serve you more faithfully day after day.


– From the Augustinian Propers for Morning Prayer of the Feast of Saint Augustine (August 28th).

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