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The Augustinian Involvement with the United Nations

The Order of Saint Augustine is an accredited Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O) at the United Nations. We work in close relationship with the Holy See and other religious and civil non-governmental organizations at the U.N. to promote human rights and a culture of peace at the international level through the witness of our way of life. Our position at the U.N. enables Augustinians throughout the world to give witness to our common life at the international level on issues such as education & literacy, economic and social development, and human rights. In addition, our NGO status at the U.N. enables us to familiarize the laity and Augustinian Friars serving in various ministries with U.N. projects, declarations, and activities. In this role we serve along-side several other religious institutes including, but not limited to the Franciscans, Dominicans, Carmelites, and other Protestant and non-Christian faith traditions. Click below to learn more:

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Why are Catholics involved with the United Nations?

Click below to view a panel discussion on the history of the Holy See’s relations with the United Nations, the role of lay Catholics and Church leaders in developing the human rights tradition, and the growing role of Catholic NGOs as they work alongside the UN for justice, peace, religious freedom, and integral human development […]

Are You a Lover of Peace?

A Reading from St. Augustine (Sermon 357, 4) Are you a lover of peace? Be still there in your heart with your beloved. “And what am I to do?” There is plenty you can do. Put a stop to wrangling; turn to prayer. Don’t repel with abuse people who are showering you with abuse, but […]

An Augustinian Witness to the World Community

by Jack Tierney, O.S.A. As an Augustinian, I am grateful for all the service opportunities that God has provided me. These experiences have refined my vocational calling and exposed me to the many ways that Augustinians serve the people of God. After two years of studying theology at Catholic Theological Union, Augustinian students in North […]

What is Augustinian ministry at the United Nations?

by Jack Tierney, O.S.A. Ministry with Augustinians International offered a steep learning curve. I had to learn about the UN system, understand how member states engage in diplomatic dialogue, and how civil society takes an active role in influencing events. It took a few months before I could speak the language and understand our purpose […]

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[…] International Affairs […]

[…] International Affairs […]