Kevin Mullins, O.S.A.

Kevin Mullins, O.S.A.

While most of his priestly ministry has been in parish settings, Fr. Kevin has also served as Provincial of the California province (2015-2019), and is now serving as prior of the Friary (student) community in Chicago and as Executive Director of FANA.  

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A Dwelling Place for Emmanuel

by Kevin Mullins, O.S.A. I’m all but certain that all of us have had the experience of being asked to do something we thought we could not do.  And maybe we were right in thinking that — maybe we had stretched our capabilities or our efforts to the limit;  perhaps we had never even thought of doing […]

Back at ‘Ya Jesus!

by Kevin Mullins, O.S.A. On the 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A) we heard the all-too-familiar reading from the Gospel of Matthew, wherein Simon Peter makes his well-known confession of faith.  I say “all-too-familiar” because most of us have already heard it enough times to wonder if we need to hear it again.  We might wonder if […]

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[…] by Kevin Mullins, O.S.A. […]