Website Updates

The following are a list of updates we have made to

Sep 22, 2020: Added multi-lingual support via Google Translate as a widget on the sidebar.

Sep 21, 2020: Added functionality to search for posts related to the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Sep 14, 2020: Added functionality to search for Live Streamed Masses.

Sep 3, 2020: Added automated Bible verse popover functionality, compliments of bVerse Convert.

Aug 27, 2020: Added ability for viewers to report website errors or request new features.

Aug 27, 2020: Added an “Experiences of the Journey” section to allow viewers to select their present experience (e.g., anxiety, fear, anger, etc) and read posts related to that specific life experience.

Aug 27, 2020: Added a page with a collection of Augustine quotes with the ability for viewers to comment on specific posts.

Aug 24, 2020: Added page to view latest comments people are making along with the latest posts across all categories.

Aug 24, 2020: Added enhanced viewer comment functionality via wpDiscuz and added discussion forum on Discernment.

Aug 22, 2020: Added discussion forum on Racism and social media feeds.

Aug 19, 2020: Implemented a new table for displaying Augustinian Saints and implemented a new calendar feature in the sidebar to display upcoming Feast Days.

Aug 19, 2020: Created a new topic of discussion on COVID19.

Aug 18, 2020: Implemented a Recommended Reading resource.

Aug 16, 2020: Updated the Daily Reflections page with new resources as well as the ability to search for reflections on specific Gospel passages.

Aug 15, 2020: Implemented new theme and side bar.

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