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What Can Saint Augustine Teach Us About a Pandemic?

COVID19 has ravaged our planet. Millions of cases, hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide to date. The virus does not discriminate who it infects and no person seems to have been given the opportunity to escape at least some impact from the virus.

The quote “we are in this together” has therefore become a commonplace description of the reality we now all face together. A pandemic of global proportions requires a global community, working together through the many hardships it causes. Community is the heart of the Augustinian way of life and therefore Saint Augustine has a lot to share with us about the situations we find ourselves in today.

The Rule of Saint Augustine was written by Augustine to provide guidelines for how a community can come together, journey together, and work together towards a common goal/purpose in spite of diversity, human weakness, hardships, and external influences. The Rule of Augustine can therefore be used as a guide for all community life (whether it is a religious community, a family, a group of friends, a group of volunteers, or a team within an organization) and can be especially useful in this time for discerning concrete Augustinian responses to the many difficulties and hardships being faced as a result of COVID19.

Click here for a reflection on 6 principles from the Rule of Augustine that can be used as a way to introduce our discussion about COVID19.

Click here for a list of ways Augustinians are responding to COVID19 in our ministries (Coming Soon).

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