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Mass Incarceration

Serving those who would otherwise be abandoned

According to the, while the U.S. is only 5% of the world population, it has over 20% of the world’s prison population. The U.S. rate of incarceration has increased over 500% in the last 40 years. Yet, two out of every three people released from prison will commit another crime within five years. Further, incarceration disproportionately impacts the poorand minorities and has been shown to perpetuate systemic poverty. There is perhaps no other single issue so intricately tied to all the other social justiceissues on this site, including racism, poverty, addiction and immigration.

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In-Prison/Jail Ministry

We serve inside numerous jails and prisons throughout the United States.

Re-Entry Ministry

We provide support to those who are released from prison in order to reduce the chances of recidivism and to help those who are accused / convicted get a fair second chance.

Education & Advocacy

We provide awareness and education on the issues of mass incarceration and restorative justice.

Ministry to Vulnerable Populations

We help stop the cycle of crime by working with people who are vulnerable to criminal lifestyles.

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What does Saint Augustine have to say about Mass Incarceration?

With 20% of the world’s prison population, the United States has the largest rate of incarceration in the world.   What does Saint Augustine have to say about how we respond to crime? This video is part of a series sponsored by the Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor and the Province of […]

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