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Statutes of the Federation of Augustinians of North America (FANA)

1.       The Federation of Augustinians of North America (FANA) was established under the authority of the prior general of the Order of St. Augustine.

2.       The purpose of the FANA is to facilitate the ministry of the Order in North America by helping the participating circumscriptions to overcome provincial and other barriers in the undertaking of common tasks, to foster the universal dimension of the Order in service to the Gospel, and to enable the Augustinians to have a wider impact on the whole of North America.

3.       The areas of responsibility of the Federation include (but are not limited to):

•        Vocations

•        Formation (Novitiate and Theologate)

•        Augustinian Spirituality

•        Augustinian Secondary Education Association

•        Communications

•        Peace and Justice

•        Latino/Hispanic Ministry Ventures

•        Missions (Foreign and Domestic)

•        Development in Support of Common Ministries

•        Research and Planning

•        New Initiatives in Ministries

4.       As prescribed by the Constitutions of the Order of Saint Augustine, number 246, the federation shall be governed by a president and a council. The official title of the president shall be Prior of the Federation of Augustinians of North America. The council of the federation shall be comprised of the North American provincials.

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