Where We Serve

Augustinians serve in parishes, schools, and missions throughout the world. We also partner with a number of non-profits and other organizations to work for a more just and peaceful world. Below are the many locations where the Augustinians of North America are actively serving.

1. Our Parishes & Shrines2. Our Schools3. Our Justice & Peace Activities

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What Can Saint Augustine Teach Us About Immigration? Augustine lived in a society with many similarities to our own. Among these similarities was a diverse population of people. This diversity included both people who were born in North Africa and people who had migrated there. Further, Augustine recognized that the goods of the earth are […]

Why are Catholics involved with the United Nations?

Click below to view a panel discussion on the history of the Holy See’s relations with the United Nations, the role of lay Catholics and Church leaders in developing the human rights tradition, and the growing role of Catholic NGOs as they work alongside the UN for justice, peace, religious freedom, and integral human development […]


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