Daniel Madden, O.S.A.

Daniel Madden, O.S.A.

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Coping with COVID Boredom

by Dan Madden, O.S.A. A recent Sunday NYTimes Review article ponders whether the lockdown-induced frustration and under-stimulated, restless energy in the absence of activity might simply be boredom, and not, as some suggest, depression. Clinical depression, of course, needs to be treated seriously and in a different manner. Lockdown boredom looks more like anxiousness. So […]

Restlessness in a Time of Rest

by Dan Madden, O.S.A. I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about restlessness, one of the pillars of Augustinian spirituality. Augustine begins his classic spiritual book, The Confessions, with a prayer to God. Really, the entire work could be said to be a prayer, for Augustine is always in dialogue with God throughout. Augustine sets the […]

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[…] by Dan Madden, O.S.A. […]

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[…] by Daniel Madden, O.S.A. […]