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Augustinian Schools

The Augustinians serve in schools. In our schools we seek to instill the Augustinian values derived from our way of life.

Click below for an interactive map of Augustinian schools in North America.

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Why are Catholics involved with the United Nations?

Click below to view a panel discussion on the history of the Holy See’s relations with the United Nations, the role of lay Catholics and Church leaders in developing the human rights tradition, and the growing role of Catholic NGOs as they work alongside the UN for justice, peace, religious freedom, and integral human development […]

How Can I Take Action on the Environment?

There is a lot of debate in our world today about the extent and root causes of the current ecological crisis. However, there is little debate about the fact that the environment has and continues to sustain damage impacting all of us across all corners of the planet. In A Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching, […]

Environmental Crisis Educational Opportunities

Below is a list of opportunities the Augustinians have identified to gain knowledge and awareness of the environmental crisis. The Catholic University of Trujillo offers a free online course on Laudato Si. Click here for more information. Jubilee for the Earth podcasts explores the beauty of biodiversity and the threats it faces with the current […]


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[…] of seven International Days designated for special observance in Augustinian communities, parishes, schools, and other […]